Friday, 7 December 2012

Using TeamCity to build on Git Commit, deploy to AppHarbor and open browser

I just gave TeamCity a test drive and I really LIKED it :)

After using it for a bit, I was able to create a really nice CI that:

  • Monitors the local file system for a Git Commit (of TeamMentor)
  • On Git Commit, trigger a build (of the main VisualStudio 2010 project)
  • If the build is OK, trigger a git push into AppHarbor
  • Open a WebBrowser with the AppHarbor site
All automated from the moment there is a commit :)

Let's see this in action

It all starts with a deployed instance of TeamMentor at version Dev.2.1 (see top right)

With TeamCity running locally on my box (as a service) keeping an eye on the local git repository

In VisualStudio, lets make a simple change (bumping the version to Dev.2.2)

Using Git Source Control Provider VisualStudio Extension, create a Commit

Which (after about 10 to 20 secs) is picked up by TeamCity

The 'build logs' update in real-time, and provide a lot of good info:

After the build completes, and the AppHarbor push is done, the target website will be opened: (notice that it is now on version Dev.2.2)

For reference here are the Build Steps in TeamCity configuration page: