Thursday 6 December 2012

How to use TeamMentor for training?

Another area that I really would like to see pushed is the idea/concept to use TeamMentor (TM) materials for training.

And by training I don't just mean class-room or ICT. A key element of TeamMentor is the idea that it is a 'Mentor'  And mentors are by definition teachers :)

So how can TM be used in short (and in bursts) training sessions? (or knowledge transfers)

For example, how to teach/show a developer:
  • What is a particular type of vulnerability? (and what policies is it mapped to?)
  • How it affects his product? (this is usually what is being reported)
  • How it can be tested?
  • How it can be fixed?
  • How it can be prevented in the future?
We have a lot of that information in TM, what we don't have (yet) is enough experience and practice in packaging and distributing it.

For example what should these packages look like?
  • A page with links to other TM articles?
  • A git repository with the content (and a local page with the links) - important if there is customized content (for example application specific code-samples) and to keep an historical record of what happened
  • A couple glue O2 scripts - needed if we want to present this to devs in consolidated views or if custom actions (like scans) need to be triggered
And there is also the idea of using TM materials (and UI) for instructor-lead training, i.e. instead of slides (but I think the main UI will need a 'presenter mode' for that)