Sunday, 9 December 2012

Signs of a well Designed Feature

A well Designed Feature (i.e. that works) is one that, for a particular task (like coping and pasting images on this blog) gives its user the feeling that:
  • initially the new workflow just seems simpler and a little bit faster (when compared with the preview one)
  • after a while, how it worked before goes kinda misty
  • but, if the previous one has to be used again, it will seem REAAALLLLY slow and cumbersome!
Of course that in reality, the change is never that big, but once the user feels/understands the new version, using the old one is just painful.

Like for example, what happened to me just now, when (after using Live Writer for a bit) I had to upload the UAC 'can I own you more please' image, via the Blogger web interface:

See The 'Sync Design Problem' of adding images to this blog for a description of the problem I had, and these 3 posts for my first use of Live Writer:
Of course that a sign of BADLY Designed Features, are the cases when the previous version just seems lighter, easier to use and more confortable!