Sunday 2 December 2012

TeamMentor Pricing, Licensing and Partner program

Following questions received, here are the details about the current TeamMentor's pricing and partner program:

TeamMentor Pricing:

Trials and free:
    • $600/year for a single user or machine on (read-only)
    • 3k/year per user or machine on a cloud teammentor instance that includes editor access
    • $40K unlimited business unit license per year + 250/month (2500/year) for cloud hosting
    • $125k unlimited enterprise license per year + 250/month (2500/year) for cloud hosting
    • For Partners:
      • $10K for either
        •  One instance with unlimited users
        •  250 users with unlimited instances
Additional Services
  • available for policy importation, library customization, application customization, and integration into existing tools or process.
TeamMentor Partner Program: