Monday, 10 December 2012

JustCode is following VisualStudio 2012 bad Design decisions

I’m trying to avoid using VisualStudio 2012 because not only I haven’t seen any feature that I need, its ‘lets remove all the color Design’ is just horrible.

And what is really annoying, is that VisualStudio 2012 (very bad) Design decision are then followed by VisualStudio extension vendors (like JustCode) who create a Gui that looks like this (in VS 2010):


WTF is going on with that ToolBar? All the color is gone! It feel like everything is disabled, because that is usually the convention that is used (icon with color if that feature is available and icon without color if it not available)

Compare that GUI with this one (ironically from VisualStudio 2010, I have no idea what happened to it in VS 2012)


Colors are a REALLY important part of a GUI and intuitive navigation (removing them is just crazy)
Some references: