Sunday, 9 December 2012

Trying a couple more Windows Live Code Formatters

As you can see at the end of the  Failing to use Windows Live Writer 2011 (and going back to 2009) the highest ranking (and recommended by default) code formatting plug-in didn’t work. So let’s try  a couple more:

Code Snippet plugin for Windows Live Writer
Paste from Visual Studio
Source Code Formatter
Code Formatter for Windows Live Writer
 Code Prettify for Windows Live Writer
Here is what we get while installing the first one (Code Snippet plugin for Windows Live Writer):
We start with a gentle ‘Can I own you, please?’ request:

Followed by a couple nexts:
image image image
The we get the ‘can I 0wn you even more, please? (UAC request):
and    image

After doing the same for the other plug-ins, and restarting Live Writer, I now have these plug-ins installed:
image  and these extra menu items image
Let’s try them with the default FluentSharp C# REPL script:

After trying them out
My favorite is the Code Snippet plugin for Windows Live Writer :
Which creates code that looks like this: 
   1: //var topPanel = "{name}".popupWindow(700,400);
   2: var topPanel = panel.clear().add_Panel();
   3: var textBox = topPanel.add_TextBox(true);
   4: textBox.set_Text("hello world");

With the final step being to uninstall the plug-ins I don’t need:
While I am in the groove of trying these plugs, let’s try the Title Link to see if It makes life easier when linking to other posts (or external resources)
After install we have a new Item in the Insert Menus:
image  or  image

which opens this popup (pasting a link if it exists in the clipboard: image 

and clicking ok inserts the link in the post, like this: Windows Live Writer Plug-ins - Title Link