Saturday 16 April 2011

More O2 Scripts on: .NET Dynamic Types, WSDL Web Services, HttpRequest Mocking for Unit Testing, .NET AST Search, Amazon EC2 and Wordpress

Here are O2 Platform developer's blog entries created in the last two weeks covering a wide range of topics:

  • .NET Dynamic Types, 
  • WSDL Web Services, 
  • HttpRequest Mocking for Unit Testing 
  • .NET AST Search
  • Amazon EC2,
  • Wordpress

These provide great examples of the power of O2 Scripting and the fact that I'm creating them while working on client's projects (and they are only a fraction of the scripts I wrote since there is a LOT more committed to the O2 SVN codebase (all were committed as scripts, which mean that they will be available to O2 users once the SVN rules are updated)

  • Script to fetch and present large number of blog entries

  • O2 Script to automatically upload clipboard images to

  • Trying to Decrypt Amazon EC2 password using BouncyCastle and it is not working

  • Scripting "O2 Tool - AST Search" to find Null references (.NET Static Analysis)

  • O2 Tool - AST Search (.NET Static Analysis)

  • Unit Test for HttpModule using Moq to wrap HttpRequest

  • Amazon EC2 Browser - Timer to Stop Instances

  • O2 Tool - Amazon EC2 Browser

  • Mocking HttpContext HttpRequest and HttpResponse for UnitTests (using Moq)

  • O2Script: Not Optimized fuzz string generator

  • O2 Script: consume webservices by using the WSDL's C#

  • O2 Script: Using Reflection to Invoke Bing Search Web Service

  • O2 Script: Dynamic creation of .Net Assemblies, Types, Methods, Properties and Fields