Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Slides for 'Streamline the Fix' Webcast

Just posted on SlideShare the slides we are going to present later today at the Streamlining the Fix: Diminishing the Impact of Software Vulnerabilities with a Predictive Process Webcast (register here)

Tom did a great job with these slides, where we mapped how 4 use cases that TeamMentor can help with.

Here is how the Slides cover it:

Use Case I - Security Team: 
  • A software vulnerability has been identified. 
  • You need to verify it and need more information about it. 
  • What do you do, and where do you go for guidance?
Use Case II - Security Team 
  • You’ve verified a software vulnerability.
  • You need to communicate the details of that vulnerability or set of vulnerabilities to your team. 
  • How is this accomplished most effectively?
Use Case III - Development Team 
  • You’ve verified a given vulnerability, and can now prioritize it. 
  • You have knowledge internally, or security policies you need to map to. 
  • How can I do this in a streamlined way?
Use Case IV - Development Team with Tools 
  • The tool reports findings.
  • You need to make more sense of the results. 
  • The findings point to guidance specific to the findings. 
  • Fix what you’ve found. Re-scan.