Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Unedited TeamMentor 3.2 Feedback

Here is some nice feedback I received today from a fellow security consultant whom I showed TeamMentor via a session (which works great for this kind of 'quick remote desktop sharing' sessions)

"...So my initial thoughts were why does not every software organization has a copy of this, it seems like a no brainer to me. I haven't spent much time with the product but here is what I like from what I saw this morning:

  • I like the different ways this could be consumed: XML, JSON,...etc Makes it integration ready inside the enterprise.
  • I like the fact that it could be skinned, definitely helpful for integration inside the enterprise and gives an advantage to partners.
  • Although, I didn't get a thorough look inside the content, it seems to be going up to .NET 4.0 which is great. 
  • Looks to me like the perfect compliment to a lot of products\services. SCR, Pen Testing, SCA, custom training...etc
A few areas of improvements:
  • I think the design (UI) needs a bit of an uplift. I bet a few usability rounds could go a long way too.
  • There should be an easier way to copy content from the core articles to new folders (again, it might be there but I haven't had enough time to look at it).
I could have more feedback when I spend more time playing with it. But over all, great product, I would definitely recommend it to clients...."

For reference you can see the TeamMentor Pricing model here and the Partner program here

If you just want to take TM for a spin, the eval (which is the full engine with a Creative Commons Library) is here: