Saturday, 8 December 2012

Just Uninstalled ReSharper

The performance hit was just too much, and since I got a reply from JustCode I will give it another try

I was thinking about how I come to not to like ReSharper, when I was a big fan (and paid customer) in the past.

What my instinct is telling me is that I (subconsciously) expect tools like ReSharper (and JustCode) to improve VisualStudio and to make it faster, simpler and more efficient. And if a first side effect is to make VisualStudio (ever more) slower, it shows that that tool is going on the wrong direction.

And that it is innovating on the wrong direction (probably listening too much to its user's crazy requests)

UPDATE: I forgot to send the form (shown in the screenshot above) when I was writing this post, and a couple days layer (when I was cleaning up my Chrome Tabs), I finally submitted it and got this error:


Another sign that all is not good with JetBrain’s focus