Thursday 6 December 2012

Simple, Unique, Valuable - Lenovo Design Principles

Just saw on BBC the Rory in China: Lenovo's quest to be cool article which has an interesting 2m interview with Yao Yingjia (Lenovo's Jonathan Ive) where he talks about his views on design (and how it is 24/7 frame-of-mind)

In there Yao talks about what he calls Lenovo's Design Principles which are: Simple, Unique and Valuable

These are pretty good concepts and I really liked the way Yao was talking about design.

I couldn't find a page about Lenovo's Design Principles (the top link was this post that links to a Fast Company article on  9 Principles For Great Branding By Design), so I guess Lenovo still has a bit to go in publishing their internal ideas and visions :)

That said, Lenovo's Design Blog seems like a good start