Sunday, 9 December 2012

Failing to use Windows Live Writer 2011 (and going back to 2009)

As you can see at the end of Using Window Live Writer to write Blogger posts I originally started using the 2009 version, so I tried use the 2011 and it failed miserably because, Copy and Paste doesn’t work anymore!!!! This is crazy!! Why???

Here is what the Windows Live Writer 2011 Gui looks like (with the original version of this post)
Incredibly copy and paste of images didn’t work (so much for the new version being better), and the paste special gave this error:
So, the only solution was to go back to the 2009 version (which doesn’t use the Ribbon bar, which I still don’t like):
Re install the 2009 version (which can be downloaded from here), again only choosing the Windows Live Writer tool
And we’re back into blogging with Copy and Paste of Images
which is much, much , much better :)
One more thing, since this version doesn’t seem to support pasting of code samples (which is also something that I want to do (and avoid a trip to Gist)), I’m going to try this plug-in:
which works Okish:

   1:  var message = "this is a C# script";

   2:  message.alert();

UPDATE (from the web gui): Actually, as you can see from the code above, the code formater plug-in didn't work