Thursday 4 June 2009

JSP EL , Spring MVC and XSS

I'm trying to find the exact behavior of JSPs EL on Spring MVC apps (also posted on the mailing list)

Here a sample code that shows the workflow:

on a controller class (marked with the @Controller attribute)

@RequestMapping(value = "/externalUrl.html", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public String doSomething(HttpServletRequest request, Map model) {
model.put("putPayloadHere", request.getParameter("putPayloadHere"));

return "viewThatShowsPayload";

on the JSP (for example /jsps/viewThatShowsPayload.jsp)

payload: ${putPayloadHere}

for reference the above code will be compiled (in the into something that looks like this:

out.write((java.lang.String) org.apache.jasper.runtime.PageContextImpl.proprietaryEvaluate("${putPayloadHere}", java.lang.String.class, (PageContext)_jspx_page_context, NULL, false));

My question is: In the above example will the request http://xxx/externalUrl.htm?putPayloadHere= ALWAYS result in XSS?

The key part of the question is the always bit, since:

a) By default (according my google searches) ${xxx} in JSP doesn't perform HTML Encoding (the sugested alternative is (which does HTML Encode by default (see (2006 post) )

b) in Spring MVC there is the DefaultHtmlEncode option (, but this only seems to affect the Spring Tags. I belive this is now enabled by default, but couldn't find any documentation to support that (

c) Are there other valid alternatives to make ${xxx} encode its result by default? For example Matt Raible in mentions this: "The good news is #2 doesn't seem to be that hard. I pulled down commons-el yesterday, added a hack to escape XML, re-jarred and put it in Tomcat 5.0.25's classpath. This actually worked and I was impressed it was so easy. However, when I looked at Tomcat 6, commons-el is no longer used and now there's a "jasper-el.jar" in the lib directory. I don't mind modifying another library, but what's the difference between jasper-el and commons-el? " , have anybody seen this solution work on an enterprise app?

d) Matt also triggered this request which doesn't seem to have gone anywhere, should this be something that the ISWG should be persuing?

e) Finally, is there an equivalent for J2EE of the Microsoft Anti-XSS (the latest version) which is able to add output encoding without touching the code?

(note: I also looked at and and once I've clarify this, will update these pages with the results)

Tuesday 2 June 2009

OWASP: Proposed change for SoC: Use budget to pay for project related expenses

Just posted this to the owasp-leaders list, and would also like to hear your opinion on it:

Hello OWASP leaders,

Since its creation at the OWASP Summit, the OWASP Global Projects Committee has been meeting every week (see agenda of past meetings here) to try to improve the organization and structure of OWASP Projects.