Saturday 24 January 2015

Real-Time code coverage in NodeJS app using Atom

Here is my current dev environment on Atom's Editor where I am able to have quasi-real-time (i.e. in about 1s to 2s) feedback on the test executed and its code coverage

For example here is what I see when there is a test failing:
  • note the red dots on the left (after line 44)
  • note the error message right (where '1.2' is not'1.3')
  • code coverage is at 92.50%

Sunday 18 January 2015

Does your team has a Security Champion? If not, get this Mug and Library

If your dev team doesn't have an assigned security team champion, get one of these Mugs :)

Basically that 'Security Expert' Mug should represent the fact that at the moment when a developer has an Application Security question, he might as well ask the dude on that Mug for help :)

I also like that it re-enforces the idea, that for most developer teams, just having somebody assigned to application security, is already a massive step forward!!

Saturday 17 January 2015

Thinking and coding in Graphs, some screenshots of last 6 months

In the past 6 months I have been working on TeamMentor 4.0  (new version) which is based on a graph database and written in node.

I was cleaning up my desktop today and found the images below which represent the multiple experiments I have been doing in ways to visualise the content data we have.

This is quite a raw dump, but if you would like some descriptions about what each one means (and believe me that each one as nice story behind), let me know and I'll write more about them

Sunday 11 January 2015

So why can't I in 2015 write a post in Blogger using Markdow (and paste screenshots)

I just wrote this [Atom Editor] How to run tests from a loaded package using GitHub's Issue UI, and it was a great writing experience (and a real-time preview like discourse would had made it even better)

But I can't post it here!!! Because Blogger does not support markdown!!!

Talk about not keeping up the pace of innovation

What this really means is that I'm getting closer and closer to moving this blog into another platform (the question is which one?)

Thursday 8 January 2015

FluentSharp, FluentNode or NWR needs your help

If you are into C# take on an issue from

If you are into NodeJS take on an issue from

If you are into Chrome or Selenium take on an issue from

Thanks :)

Achieving 98% Code Coverage, by running mocha Web Automation Tests in Chrome (from WebStorm)

Here is what the high-productive Node + Chrome TDD test environment (that I use every day) looks like, when executing the TM_4_0_QA UI Automation tests

This is the setup that allows me to have 98% to 100% code coverage (see The quest for 100% Code Coverage, the 96cc idea and 'apps with low CC must be insure' for more details)

The Chrome window on the right is powered by O2 Platform's NWR project

The use of WebStorm is not required for the tests to run, since the same result can be achieved by running npm test from the console.

Video: Running mocha Web Automation Tests in Chrome (from WebStorm)

Thursday 1 January 2015

The quest for 100% Code Coverage, the 96cc idea and 'apps with low CC must be insure'

I've spent the last day improving the UnitTest coverage of TM_4_0_Design and since this codebase as been developed with a nice TDD workflow, after a bit of code-cleanup and refactoring I was able to achieve 100% Code Coverage :)