Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Interesting Encoding problem with TeamMentor Japanese translation

Here an interesting prob I had to deal today with the first pass of TeamMentor's translation into Japanese.

The translation phase was quite sweet. We sent the TeamMentor Xml files file to the translation company, which they were able to plug into their system, and once completed, they send us back a zip with the translated xml files :)

That zip was then uploaded (via drag and drop) into a TM test server (see video of that workflow here) and it all worked .... except for the metadata and filters:

Which is kind-of a prob:

After a bit of research, the problem seems to be on the encoding that happens before the applied filters are created (in there to protect against XSS payloads in the metadata fields).

I was able to add a fix that is controlled by this setting:

Which when set to true, will show the metadata in Japanese:

Here is the fix:

One area that needs to be researched now, is if this introduces new XSS vectors (if so the payloads might need to be coded in Japanese :)   )