Monday 5 November 2012

Why I stopped using (and the problem of being a feature)

As you can see by is Amazing - Just added RealTime website tracking to TeamMentor I was pretty excited about, and since I'm now looking for Website Monitoring Services, a good question is 'Are you still using and can it be used for WebSite monitoring?'

The short answer for the 'Are you still using Gauges' part is that Google Analysis killed it

The short answer for the 'can it be used for WebSite monitoring' part is: NO had one feature that was really powerful: the real-time visualisation of web traffic (which was really good and I even got for a while a paid subscription)

But once I was able to get the same data from Google Analytics, the value of plummeted.

Since I had such a good experience with (via their customer service and presentation), I did made a bit of an effort to get more value from it, but:
  • the data analysis that they provided on their GUI was very limited, 
  • there was no power-user analysis and 
  • their API support (and language support) was quite limited.
One area that could had entered was the data/website monitoring and analysis (which is what I need now).

For example, they have enough data to identify problems with a particular website. But that would change their current model and I understand why they want to keep providing a simple (and easy to use) service.

The problem is that when you are a feature not a product (as Steve said to Dropbox) you have to make sure you are better than the equivalent features in the products out there (Dropbox will need to keep innovating if they want to stay relevant)

In a way failed to innovate. They were able to get a head start on Google Analytics and should had continued adding features. I think they are owned by github, so maybe the key devs are the ones making even better.

And if I have to choose between a better GitHub vs a better, GitHub will win every time :)