Thursday 8 November 2012

Is the TeamMentor's OWASP Library content released under an open License?

Following the FLOSSHack TeamMentor thread,  Jerry Hoff asked "Is the content in creative commons?  Can we use it to freely fill out more of the cheat sheets and use in tutorial videos and so forth?"

And the answer is: YES

Here is the repository for the XML files:

There are a bunch of (O2 based) tools to consume this content directly, or alternatively you can use the TeamMentor CoreLib from NuGet (which has all the classes and APIs needed)

Note that you can also link directly to the content (articles, libraries, folders or views) :
In addition to the 'article' pages (linked above) you can also see/consume the content using:
For reference the TM Documentation is at: 

The page contains 4 videos and a download link (that points to the GitHub version) which allow you to run TM locally (btw look at the source code of that page and see some XML+XSL foo action :) )