Friday 9 November 2012

O2 tools to view and script J2EE, Struts and Tiles xml config files

If you are reviewing Java/J2EE applications, here are a number of mini O2 tools that will help you to understand what is going on:

Bellow are these Tools in action (using the demo apps from )

Util - View Struts Mappings v.1.0

Drop in the TreeView (white space) the WEB-INF folder

This control will load up the web.xml, struts-config.xml, tiles-def.xml and validation.xml config files, and create a mapping view of that data

The reason this exe is 4Mbs is because it includes the C# REPL script environment

Which can be used to access/script the StrutsMappings object created (and visualized in the TreeView shown above)

The code sample menu item, shows how to easily access the the mapped Struts data:

The REPL Form menu item, provides access the Form object which (for example) can be used to make all child controls pink :)

Util - View struts-config.xml mappings v1.0.exe

Drop the struts-config.xml file to see its mappings:

Util - View tiles-def.xml mappings v1.0.exe

Drop the tiles-defs.xml file to see its mappings:

Util - View validation.xml mappings v1.0.exe
Drop the validation.xml file to see its mappings:

Util - View Web.Xml mappings v1.0

Drop the web.xml file to see its mappings:

If you like this (and are reviewing Java Apps with lots of interfaces) you should also check out the Util - O2 Java Tools (IKVM Based) v1.0