Saturday 17 November 2012

IBM AppScan Source's and AppScan Standard's TreeViews running side-by-site in the same GUI

Using the technique described in Injecting a .NET REPL into an Unmanaged/C++ application (Notepad) I was able to create this PoC (below) where you can see both IBM AppScan Source (Java) and IBM AppScan Standard (.NET) TreeViews hosted inside a 3rd party C# based Form:

What is really powerful about this 'App Merged GUI'  environment , is that the TreeViews are fully functional (i.e. any events triggered will be propagated to their original hosts)

For example, note how in the screenshot below, the Class1 TreeNode (selected in the CLR C# Host on the foreground) will trigger the opening of the Class1 file in the AppScan Source (the Java/JVM based app on the background)

Using this technique it is possible to add any control (.Net, Java or C++) directly to the AppScan Source (JVM based) application GUI, for example the O2 Platform's C# REPL Script Environment

We can also (finally) do something that a lot of users want, which is to integrate multiple tool's controls and views into the same GUI.

For example here is AppScan Standard TreeView's running inside AppScan Source's GUI:

For more details on how this PoC was created, take a look at this pdf: