Tuesday 20 November 2012

Two 6-months contract to work on TeamMentor (QA and Dev)

Here is a heads up for an official 'SI job hiring' post that should be published asap (i.e. when we get it done).
Ed has approved Jason's (and mine) request to add a couple more resources to the TeamMentor development team :)

So if you are looking for a job to work on an spectacularly amazing project, lead by a crazy dude (me), for a company with a great culture of openness + empowerment, this is your opportunity.

The idea is to hire (initially on a six months contract) two resources: one  QA/Testing-focused and a one Development-focused.

The idea for the QA person, is to create a massive amount of Unit tests and get them working in a CI mode (so that we run them on every commit and deployment to the cloud)

The idea for the Dev person, is to start with the list of issues described here, followed by this batch of TM features and refactoring

The budget is already approved, so if you are THE ONE, you could start tomorrow :)

At the moment, the plan is to write a 'Job Description' (currently on my to-do list),  do a search for the right person, do a round of interviews,  .... and all that jazz ...

But if you can:

  • point to a bunch of GitHub repositories with your work (ideally stuff that has 'shipped')
  • give examples of your past research, blog posts, ideas, security vulns found, etc...
  • show me that you are a craftsman and really care/love what you do
  • send me a couple Pull Requests for the TM Code that you can get from here and here 
  • send in a proposal with:
    • focus and deliveries (i.e. your action-plan and what you expect to get done (or tackle first)) 
    • price (how much will you cost for 6 months) and how you can get paid
    • when can you start. 
    • no bargains!!! Just ask for your current rate +/- 25% (based on your 'feeling' for the job)
If you do this, you will make my life much easier and dramatically increase your odds of getting he job

Basically, just give me the 'hard work' of reviewing your Pull Requests and action-plan, so that it's easy to say YES

And btw, I don't care where you are in the world, if you are white, black, pink, blue, orange or have any physical/metal issues. As long as you can can code (and have a good eye for 'Design' actually 'How they work') you're good to me

UPDATE: if you are thinking to apply, here is your First batch of questions for .NET Developer contracting work