Friday 23 November 2012

11 O2 stand-alone tools (with a lot more created but not blogged about)

As part of the new design of this blog, I just cleaned up a bit the O2 Platform Tools Label/Page, and here are the 11 that have been published so far:

Btw, there are a lot more tools (i.e. O2 *.h2 scripts) that I have created but have not had the time to write a blog post about.

If you are looking for a particular script or tool, take a look at this public dropbox folder 

Question: As I asked in Should I start an O2 based 'A-Tool-a-Day' blog?  , anybody has some cycles to help with this?

Maybe we could do something like the old SysInternals website? Which was a big collection of Mark's tools filtered by type and target audience. Btw here are the (pre-Microsoft acquisition) exes/source-code of the original sysinternals tools: )