Saturday 17 November 2012

Using Jni4Net (Part 3) - Writing and Invoking O2 Methods from Java and Eclipse.pdf

After Using Jni4Net (Part 1) - To C# REPL a java process (ZAP Proxy) and  Using Jni4Net (Part 2) - Controling OWASP ZAP remotely (via Java BeanShell REPL in .Net) the next step was to see if we could consume (and code) the .NET APIs from Java.

And again Jni4Net really worked!

Here is a .NET WinForms control, coded and executed from the (Eclipse written) Java code:

Once we could create *.jar files, it was a small step to create an Eclipse plugin that would load up a CLR and popup a C# based Form.

Or more interestingly an C# REPL editor (running in the same process as Eclipse):

For more details on how these PoCs were created, take a look at this pdf: