Tuesday 6 November 2012

TM - Library Manager (with REPL) v1.2.4.exe

Here is a (still quite raw) Library Manager for TeamMentor with REPL support (packaged as an O2 Platform stand-alone exe).

You can download this version from: TM - Library Manager (with REPL) v1.2.4.exe

If you want to run the scripts directly from O2 (or modify them), fork the UnitTests repository and  take a look in this Library Management folder).

Here are some screenshots of this tool in action:

Default screen (which tries to connect to a local TM instance which in this case there wasn't one)

Connecting to the owasp.teammentor.net server

Connecting to the teammentor.net server (which needs a valid login to see the content)

Using the built in REPL script editor to directly invoke the TM webservices

Here is a video of an older version of this tool

The Gui has changed a bit, but the drag-and-drop operation works the same way (note how you open two instances of this tool to copy articles between TM servers)

Features requests

This version is due a refresh (since there were a couple features added to the TM WebServices that will make it much faster and more efficient), so if you have ideas on what should be added, please use this Issue Tracking to register them