Monday 5 November 2012

The best technical history of Windows technologies and APIs

This (long) article is simply spectacular: Turning to the past to power Windows' future: An in-depth look at WinRT

It provides a deep technical analysis of the history of Microsoft's released OSes and APIs, taking into account their technologies and (internal to MS) political ramifications.

Peter Bright also takes a stab at creating a better diagram of Windows 8 Metro vs Desktop apps, which I agree makes more sense:

This diagram adds a couple clues to the questions I asked Windows Store/Metro Apps - A 'client-server' sandbox built using Javascript? and raises a couple more (for Metro Apps):

  • So is the CLR running under the same process of Metro apps?
    • And if so, which CLR? the 4.5?
    • And if C# code is running under that CLR, is that full-trust or partial trust?
    • In that CLR, is the Verifier enabled?
  • And if that C# code (or any other .Net code) is running under full-trust, surely then the only 'limitations' of that code are the ones imposed by the user account and its UAC/privilege-level (since it will be possible to jump into 'unmanaged code')
  • On the topic of UAC, are UAC security boundaries in Windows 8? Since in the past they were not
  • Can we write IL code (i.e. non VS created IL) on Metro Apps?