Thursday 29 November 2012

Showing Chrome, Eclipse, IBM AppScan Standard and VisualStudio in the same Process/Window

UPDATE (Jan/13): See PoC - Selenium - Gui with 3 Hijacked Browser Windows.h2 post for another powerful example of consuming Chrome (and IE and Firefox) window in another process

Using the control shown in Util - Win32 Window Handle Hijack (4x host panels) I was able to create a process that has windows from:

  • Chrome (top left)
  • Eclipse (top right)
  • IBM AppScan Standard (bottom left)
  • VisualStudio (bottom right)

Chrome inside Eclipse

We can also 'push' windows into other controls.

For example, here is a Chrome Browser window running inside Eclipse (note that the TeamMentor window on the top-right is being executed by Chrome's process (not eclipse))

Chrome inside IBM AppScan Standard:

In the example below, TeamMentor is also hosted by Chrome, while being shown natively on AppScan's GUI: