Tuesday 20 November 2012

Util - Windows Handles Viewer (Simple GUI with REPL) v1.0.exe

Based on the Util - Windows Handles Viewer (Simple Gui) v1.0.exe tool, here is a bigger version (5Mbs) which contains a C# REPL Script editor (with the detected handle provided as a parameter).

You can get this version from Util - Windows Handles Viewer (Simple GUI with REPL) v1.0.exe

And this is what the default GUI looks like:

To try out the C# REPL , drag the Target Icon into the TextBox below (shown in red below)

Then un-comment the line below Task #1 and click on Execute (note how the TextBox value was changed)

To see how you can also change the text of a Handle whose value you discovered, use the Handle value (in this case 657236) in the code (replacing 12345 as mentioned in the Task #2 instructions) and click execute:

And as shown in Util - Windows Handles Viewer (Simple Gui) v1.0.exe , this will work on other windows and processes :)