Thursday 8 November 2012 looks like a pretty good Visio online replacement

Although this visualisation of TeamMentor's GitHub dev workflow is pretty good, it was created using Visio, and I really don't want to use Visio again (I'm done using large desktop apps with no web integration/publishing).

The good news is that :

  • Roman found
  • he was able to import that complex Visio diagram into it, and 
  • the end-result looked good enough (after a couple import fixes). 

So I went to to try it out :)

I have done a LOT of Visio diagrams (in the past), and I have to say that I found Lucid Chart's web interface really easy to use (and learn).

As a test, I imported an image from this blog, and was able to quickly create this:

Not bad for a couple minutes work :)