Saturday 17 November 2012

TM Fork into stand-alone Sales and Marketing site

After Coming up with a name for TeamMentor's public site (which resulted in the getsecure name being chosen) it was time to create that site.

After spending some time refactoring TeamMentor's (TM) main code-based (to only use the needed bits) here is a stand-alone TM site which will hold the TM Sales and Marketing pages.

If you have a couple cycles, please take it for a test drive (and try not to break it too much since the SI guys are also looking at it at the moment (that said if you break it, I can fix it with a simple git push :)  ))

This is what it looks like (with a design based on ThemeForest AirStream):

And here are the details:
Important note: although the content changes will be shown on the site (the ones done via the 'notepad' editor) this data will be lost on every new publish.

There are two ways to make persistent changes:
  • get a local clone of the, change the content locally, commit those changes locally, and do a push to GitHub (which will trigger a publish to AppHarbor)
  • edit the desired file on GitHub's web edit interface (for example the Eval page or the Customer page), which when saved, GitHub will auto-create a Commit with the changes (which will trigger a publish to AppHarbor). 
Let me know how it goes, and again, please don't break it too much :)