Saturday 7 April 2012

Traits of a great developers (by Justin Searls)

Justin Searls The Mythical Team-Month presentation is really spectacular, and inside it there a section on Observable traits of great developers.

Since I'm a developer (currently on the O2 Platform and TeamMentor), I wonder if I have these traits? and since I'm hiring, the question is how to identify them?

  • Empathetic: vigorously defends the interests of users by adopting their perspective
  • Analytical: breaks down large objectives, ideas, and problems into small manageable ones
  • Visionary: identifies a singular idea & fights for its simplicity, yet plans for growth
  • Scientific: methodically attacks problems, reducing paths of inquiry efficiently
  • Creative: dreams up new ideas & approaches, continuously and asynchronously
  • Professional: invests time in long-term effectiveness, maintainablility of their work
  • Entrepreneurial: willfully kills projects that don't success before over-investing on them
  • Hungry: relentlessly improves, thorough learning, practising and sharing 
Well I'm not the one that should be evaluating my our performance (I think I do most of those :)  ) , but if you're a developer, this is really want adds value when creating applications.