Friday 27 April 2012

Hack Yourself First: Jeremiah at TEDxMaui

Jeremiah was recently at TEDxMaui presenting Hack Yourself First which is an interesting development for WebAppSec and OWASP since I think it is the first time that a member of our community gets to present at TED (which is one of the best conference-series in the world)

Couple comments:

  • he was quite nervous, which shows the 'pressure to deliver' that TED has. 
  • I really like the concept of 'Hack yourself first' but I wished Jeremiah had given more examples on how to do it an a personal, corporate and organisational level
  • there was FAR too much FUD for my taste. I would had been better if he found a more positive way to deliver the message
  • It is also quite obvious by Jeremiah performance that he really cares about WebAppSec and wants to make the world more secure
    • Of course that he owns a company that helps companies to 'Hack themselves first' so there is a lot of vested interest in there too :)
  • I think that OWASP doesn't get one mention, which is not Jeremiah's fault. I just shows the weakness of the OWASP Brand
Here is the Video: