Monday 30 April 2012

Happiness makes business sense

This TED talk by Shawn Achor "The happy secret to better work" makes the case that positive energy and 'happiness' make us more productive and effective.

Not only his presentation style is great, I think he is completely right.

Specially on the part that 'happiness' is a habit and needs to be constantly exercised.

From a business or organisational point of view, this means that it should be a 'corporate' objective to deliver happiness to its players (employees, members, clients, partners, etc...)

They should do this not because it is 'nice', but because it makes business sense.
For example when I was working with Paulo on OWASP projects and initiatives, it was always amazing to see how a little bit of encouragement or contact/email, would motivate an owasp leader to get something done.

The problem is that creating these 'happiness' environments are very hard, take considerable commitment and can't be done by people who don't believe in it.

One of the reasons why I really believe that OWASP needs to have a lot more human resources, is because they need to have the time to deliverer 'happiness' to owasp leaders and community :)

Just to re-enforce the concept. OWASP should do this because it will increase OWASP productivity, synergies, serendipity, deliverables and community.