Saturday 7 April 2012

Giving TeamMentor 3.1 a test-drive

After many months of hard-core development, here are the first beta release of  TeamMentor 3.1 , which I invite you all you give a test-drive.

You can get the latest version from  (which is a clone of my main dev repository with a couple extra libraries). These libraries are the ones we use at so you have with you the latest version of our documentation (which is not a  lot I know)

You should be able to run it locally using the 'Start teamMentor.bat' file, which will open up the default documentation site at and you will have the normal TeamMentor GUI at (which what you usually see when you go or )

Here is a marketing page that we created (using TeamMentor) that aims to explain the first steps in a simple way: (checkout the xml to xsl transformation :) ). Here are a couple more variations of that page and )

Update [16/Apr/2012]: the links above are not working any more, the latest versions of those are: and 

I'm also working on documenting the more advanced features of TeamMentor here  (which you will also be able to access this locally here:  (btw, in the links above you can replace with

There are two users set-up:
  • admin : !!tmbeta
  • editor  : 123qwe
Let me know if you have any questions or issues.

Btw, I'm really proud of what TeamMentor as become, and there are some pretty powerful features in there (for example checkout the wikitext content creation workflow).

And GIT + GitHub absolutely ROCKS!!!! It is not easy to get your head around it, BUT it is a massive game changer, and I have development workflows today that I never thought possible (check out this really cool graph of the commits and branches of my main dev clone: