Wednesday 25 April 2012

Details of TeamMentor Partner Program

Here are the details of the TeamMentor Partner Program aimed at Application Security Consultants (for example security companies providing PenTesting/Code-Review services just like the SI's team)

The terms of the Partner Program are:
  • Partner gets use of TeamMentor + SI Library for free in exchange for being a reference:
    • Partner gets use of TeamMentor for delivering their assessment results to customers 
    • Partner can hyperlink into TeamMentor's SI Library articles in their assessment results
    • The results and hyperlinked articles (both SI Library and internally created) can be accessed indefinitely 
    • SI Library must NOT be made publicly available (i.e. on an TM instance with anonymous reading enabled)
    • TeamMentor with OWASP library (and Partner created content) can be provided and linked publicly
  • When delivering results, partner can grant access to their customer to the TeamMentor + SI library for 14 days
  • If Partner’s customer buys TeamMentor, Partner gets 10% referral fee as incentive 
    • Partner can become a TeamMentor reseller if they desire, with standard reseller terms and conditions (40% commision) 
  • The Parter can change and customize TeamMentor's Interface/GUI, but not to the extent where TeamMentor/SI brand are no longer present
    • If white-labeling of content is desired, a full TeamMentor License needs to be purchased
  • TeamMentor will be provided via a GitHub repository ( , but if a specific customizations are required (by a Partner), a dedicated fork will be created and maintained by SI
For clients TeamMentor pricing model is:
  • 40k USD  - Unlimited (per business unit) TM Server Installs + SI Library (with 4000 Articles) +  dedicated GitHub Fork (which we will maintain) , 
  • 10k USD  - 1x  TM  Server Licence + SI Library + dedicated GitHub Fork
  • 0k USD    - 1x  TM  Server License + OWASP Library + shared GitHub download (this is our 'evaluation' version and comes with a 'not for commercial use' license)