Saturday 21 April 2012

Freelance Brief - Improve cross browser CSS of main TeamMentor GUI

This is a brief for a freelancer expert in Browser compatibility issues

Problem: Improve the cross browser CSS of the main TeamMentor GUI (as seen on
Deliverable: Patch for  repository
Budget: 100 USD
Apply at

Technical details:

Currently there are subtle CSS differences between the multiple browsers and Operating System that need to be corrected.

The focus should be on the Font family and sizes.

Here is TeamMentor GUI showing on multiple Browsers and Operation Systems:

Chrome and Firefox on Windows:

IE on Windows:

Safari and Chrome on OSX:

The brief is to provide a number of CSS fixes as patches (first one to deliver gets the contract)

The source code is at  and the live server is at

Bonus Points: Figure out why the checkboxes of the Filters overflow in Chrome on OSx (see screenshot above)