Monday 30 April 2012

Solution to copy and paste images into blogs

I still don't have a good solution to copy and paste images into blogs like this one (or my O2 Wordpress blog)

At the moment I have a mix of O2 scripts and some automation, but it is still not the workflow I want.

Basically I want to be able to have this workflow:
  • open up editor and screenshot tool (like the one from O2 or built-in into OSx)
  • write text
  • take screenshot
  • paste screenshot into article
  • write more text
  • take more screenshots and paste them
Basically I want to have the minimum disruption and pause between the moment I take the screenshot and the moment I use it in a blog.

Currently the workflow I have is:
  • take screenshot and save it locally
  • go into blog gui and click on the add image
  • select image from local disk
  • click on upload
  • select uploaded image
  • click on insert into article
That 6 steps for something that should be 1 step.

And this is what 'Design' is all about. Find a problem and make it simple (i.e. reduce the number of steps required to execute a particular action)