Saturday 21 April 2012

Freelance Brief - Fix IE layout issue in TeamMentor Eval Page

This is a brief for a freelancer expert in IE compatibility issues

Problem: Fix the IE 7,8,9 layout problem that happens in the and pages
Deliverable: Patch for repository
Budget: 100 USD
Apply at:

Technical details:

The 3.1 version of TeamMentor supports the creation and delivery of pure XML content. This technique is used to create an marketing page made of an xml file ( and an XSL file ( The xml page uses the same XSL.

The XML+XST transformation into HTML happens on the client (i.e. browser) and looks like this in Chrome/Firefox:

The problem is that it looks like this in IE (note how it is left justified)

The brief is to provide a IE specific patch for this problem (first one to deliver gets the contract)

Bonus Points: Figure out why the '& included inside the HTML Object tags' encoding is lost, when editing the XSL via thisTeamMentor Notepad Interface: