Monday 23 April 2012

I want a search engine for me and you

One of the key reasons I blog and tweet is so that I can find that information at a later date.

I'm talking to my 'future me' :)

Now if you add to this pile of data (blogs + tweets), my questions on forums (like StackExchange), replies to other mailinglists/blogs, GitHub commits/issues/commits, edits on OWASP Wiki,  articles on TeamMentor, etc ....  there is a lot of information to process.

The problem is that although all this information is public (and on the interweb), I don't have a good way search it (in fact today, I don't even have a good way to find or visualize it).

So what I want is a way to search, index, massage, filter, complement this body of knowledge that I'm creating (in fact If I could do that, it would even make more sense to spent time curating and adding metadata to it).

What would also be very useful, would be to have similar access to other people I trust and follow, for example my twitter following list, or even you (who is reading my blog and care about my ideas)

Anybody working on a similar concept?