Tuesday 29 May 2012

Video: Running Chrome Natively in O2 and VisualStudio

UPDATE (Jan/13): See PoC - Selenium - Gui with 3 Hijacked Browser Windows.h2 post for a much better and powerful way to consume Chrome (and IE and Firefox) in another process

Following from Run Chrome inside O2  and Installing and running CefSharp (C# Chrome with WPF Browser) here is the full implementation of running Chrome as a Native C# WinForms and WPF control.

This is pretty powerful since Chrome is FAST. I also like the fact that I can easily embed Chrome in WinForm or WPF control with a couple lines. (take a look at these scripts)

Here is a video showing the PoCs in action (with the examples using WPF doing a 360 rotation, because they can :) )