Friday 11 May 2012

To read: ENISA on 'National Cyber Security Strategies'

On May 08, 2012 ENISA published an National Cyber Security Strategies paper which the current status of cyber security strategies.
Here is their desciption:
"..The paper includes a short analysis of the current status of cyber security strategies within the European Union and elsewhere. It also identifies common themes and differences, and concludes with a series of observations and recommendations. The paper is based on the preliminary findings and analysis from an ENISA project that is working to develop a Good Practice Guide on how to develop, implement and maintain a national cyber security strategy. The Good Practice Guide is intended to be a useful tool and practical advice for those responsible and involved in cyber security strategies...."

Here is the PDF, any comments?

Btw, I had a quick look and found no reference to OWASP, shouldn't we be involved here? Or does Cyber-Security has nothing to do with Application Security?