Friday 4 May 2012

TeamMentor Partner Program Update

Email Tom just sent to TeamMentor's Partners.

I really like the 'voice' of this email. Yes it is 'Marketing speak' (Tom is Director of Product Marketing), but as these type of messages go, I think its much more relaxed and low on the BS level :)

What do you think? am I to bias? is it OTT? is it OK?

Ping me with your views :)


Greetings Partners! As the TeamMentor Partner Program continues to grow rapidly, we want to provide you with a few resources to enhance your TeamMentor experience, get you comfortable using TeamMentor and get your customers to start using it. We've also tried to address questions we've heard from a few a few of you.

First off, TeamMentor V 3.1 is now generally available! The major improvements in V 3.1 focus on stability and usability for customers, with support for Active Directory and integration with additional Web Services API's. We've added a new content library featuring the CWE Top 25 Vulnerabilities consisting of 110 new articles and updated our PCI DSS Compliance library, both enhanced with prescriptive guidance for remediating software code. Full release notes are available here.

What does TeamMentor do?
TeamMentor helps bridge the gap between application security policies and secure development standards. By integrating prescriptive, technical security guidance with your security policies, TeamMentor is the perfect In-Practice companion to help reduce your application security risk profile.

Where can I find a TeamMentor use case?
Or here, on the TeamMentor Evaluation Resource page, where you can also try the Web version or download and install to run locally from your machine. (contact us and we will set you up to run locally)
Or here, on our YouTube channel, where you can see a series of short features-focused and integration videos. (We'll be releasing new videos for you soon)

Where can I find comprehensive documentation?
Or take a look at our new series of 'How-It-Works' articles on TeamMentor, right in TeamMentor? Click here.

Are industry analysts talking about TeamMentor? (the answer is yes)
"Implementing an application security program requires identifying gaps in the organization — among security, operations, development and business units — and bridging them in a scalable way.  Sharing a knowledge base is a good way to keep the information flow going, even when the meetings are done." -- Wendy Nather, Research Director, Enterprise Security Practice, 451 Research

Where can I find blogs on TeamMentor?
Blog by Dinis Cruz (Dinis is the principal architect of TeamMentor)
Tom Bain's blog (Interesting uses of TeamMentor for the non-technical user)
Follow TeamMentor on Twitter. @TeamMentor1

Where can I find marketing content?
Download our white paper to understand how mapping to the OWASP Top 10 and using TeamMentor to fix vulnerabilities help toward a comprehensive application security program.

Best regards,
Dinis Cruz, Principal Architect, Security Innovation

Tom Bain, Director, Product Marketing, Security Innovation