Wednesday 2 May 2012

Brilliant visualisation (circa 2008): Zoetrope: Interacting with the Ephemeral Web

This video (from 2008) is probably one of the most amazing visualizations of data that I've ever seen.

The toolkit that these guys have is out of this planet and it's crazy that this research project from Adobe seems to have been dropped (there are no other references to this project or technology since 2008)

For me, when I see those animations of temp-data-over time (i.e. Ephemeral data), I think of code analysis over multiple data-sets (payloads) or user roles (i.e. authorization rules):

Here is the video, just sit back and enjoy:

There is also this PDF from the same authors that explains (I think) how it all works (I haven't read it)

I wonder what where are the authors doing now and more importantly, why aren't they doing similar stuff!