Tuesday 8 May 2012

Making Payments using Paypal at elance.com, why is it that hard!

So, I'm trying to set-up the payment workflow for the TeamMentor's elance.com contractors, and it is not going as smoothly as I would like.

  • First Paypal doesn't seem to have a way to allow its own merchant accounts to make payments via Paypal  (I was set-up an account in SI's corporate account which only seems to give me access to take payments, not make them)
  • Our solution was for me to create a personal paypal account, which is used to receive funds via paypal (who will change a commission!) from SI
  • Ideally I should be able to use this account to make payments at elance, except that elance.com doesn't seem to allow making payments via paypal funds (only cards)

I sent this question to elance's support, so let's see what they say

How do I make a payment using Paypal's fund currently available in that Paypal account?

I don't want to use a Card, since this are funds from the company I'm working for and they have transferred funds to me (via paypal)

But when I go into paypal, I don't get the option to pay using available funds

I guess I might take a look at https://www.odesk.com/ to see if they can handle this problem. I like Elance, but this is a deal-breaker issue (also Elance's speed from the UK is a bit of an issue)