Tuesday 1 May 2012

If information exists in the forest but it is not linkable, is it real?

I always had a 'just make it open' instinct but more and more I'm realizing that making information open and hyper-linkable is critical to help removing information-exchange speed-bumps and to promote collaboration.

This is also why I'm blogging so much, I'm trying to find a good way to capture the ideas, threads, deliverables, actions, etc.. that I do every day.

I'm also starting to think about where should the 'closed' lines be placed? Basically, what should be public and what should be private/protected. Isn't this what Privacy is all about?

On the topic of openness, Question: why shouldn't our emails be publicly.available, linkable and indexable?

Today, Google, most Governments and some other 'organizations' already have access to those emails, so why don't we just make it much more efficient and make 'most' of it public?

I said 'most' since there will be a couple emails that should be private. But those should be a minority. And by reducing the amount of 'closed' data, it would be much easier to protect it.