Tuesday 8 May 2012

Code Snippets in WordPress.com are driving me crazy (help and alternatives?)

I just created this RTF file to blog - adding OData to O2.rtf which provides a walk-through on adding OData support to O2.

My problem is that I don't have an easy way to convert the text and scripts from that RTF file into an Wordpress.com post, since the formatting/layout completely breaks! (even if coping and pasting from Notepad).

So here my question: what is the best place (blog engine) to write this type of articles (text + code snippets + images). I'm about to give up on Wordpress.com! 

Btw, if you know how to do this, then please help me in converting this RTF into a Wordpress.com post (that I could use in http://o2platform.wordpress.com). 

As you can see by the large number of posts with source-code samples (in http://o2platform.wordpress.com), I have done this conversion far to many times....and ... I'm really tempted to just add a couple features to TeamMentor and start doing this there :)