Saturday 12 May 2012

Installing WiX Toolset

Just downloaded WiX RC0 from CodePlex which has now a new Metro GUI (I can see how they are trying to simplify the Install GUI)

The screenshot below is what happens after we click on the middle panel (which used to say 'Install') and wait for the progress bar (created inside that 'Install' Panel) to reach 100%

Although it looks good, when making something simple, one has to be careful not lose too much context.

For example, upon clinking on the install panel/button, there a was a big pause where I was confused on what was going on. And once it was completed there was no clue where the files where installed to! :)

I think the installed WiX files are now at C:\Program Files\WiX Toolset v3.6,  but that is a calculated guess since this GUI doesn't give me that information (or am I missing something obvious?)

Also on that folder, there doesn't seem to be any samples, which makes it a bit hard to see how WiX works, since I have never used WiX before.

Any tips on using WiX?