Monday, 22 October 2012

First working PoC of Tablet/Mobile site using JQueryMobile and Woody template

After Buying a mobile site-template from ThemeForest , I'm spending some time using/refactoring the Woody theme for a Tablet/Mobile version of TeamMentor (and learning how jQueryMobile works).

I just reached a key milestone, where I created a PoC that shows the most important technical challenge that I had: The dynamic creation of GUI elements from TM WebServices calls.

In the image below, the important parts are the 2 'Available Libraries'  List Items. They are dynamically created via AJAX calls to the TM's GetLibraries WebServices method:

You can try it in action at (automatic AppHarbor deployment via GitHub), but at the moment the Libraries links open the 'About' page and the other Items (Blog, Portfolio and Contact) still show the original Woody template content.