Wednesday 4 December 2013

Setting up a CraftBukkit based Minecraft server on OSX (Nov 2013)

Since I have my regular Codeclub Wednesday session later today, I finally got around to figure out how to run a Minecraft server (I have a number of kids that are starting to get bored with Scratch and REALLY like the idea of programming Minecraft)

There are a couple Minecraft servers out there (including an official one), but the CraftBukkit seems really powerful and very plugin-friendly (see

Here are the steps required to get an Minecraft CraftBukkit  server up and running:

  1. download the CraftBukkit 1.7.2 development version from
  2. follow the instructions from
  3. move the downloaded craftbukkit-1.7.2-R0.1-20131204.020906-17.jar into the BukkitServer folder and rename it craftbukkit.jar (you can delete the one originally downloaded)
  4. execute ./start.command from a terminal window in the BukkitServer folder
  5. open your Minecraft client (downloaded from and connect to localhost (you will need a valid/paid account in
This should be a 5m job. It took me longer because (in Nov 2013) the version that is downloaded from is the 1.6.x and the version of client is using the 1.7.2 version.

Here are the install instructions from

Here is the version I downloaded from: 

Here is the 'lost connection' problem I was having when using the 1.7.2 client to connect to the 1.6.x server

Here is the Bukkit server started using ./start.command

Which can be connected using the Minecraft client, by choosing the Multiplayer Mode option:

... then the Direct Connect option:

 ... then Join Server using localhost (or

... which will connect us to the local CraftBukkit server :)

 The CraftBukkit server console should log the client connection:

 In the CraftBukkit server console, use help  go get a list of available commands:

 For example we can use say "Hello World" to send a message to all current users

... which will be displayed on their screen:
I don't think the kids I'm currently teaching have ever accessed a Minecraft server they controlled, so it should be interesting to see their reaction :)