Wednesday 4 December 2013

High-Res images of TeamMentor's Fortify integration in Eclipe

As you can read about here and here we are in the final process of officially releasing (and selling) the TeamMentor Eclipse Plugin with Fortify support.

Alli (from SI Marketing) asked me for some High-Res screenshots of how it works, which I just created on a clean install of Eclipse Kepler 64bit on OSX with both Fortify and TeamMentor plugins installed.

You can see the images below, or download the 1.2Mb images from these links:
Thse where taken on a MacBook Air with Retina display, using the OSX screenshot tool, which creates images with a 3108 × 2028 resolution (which I hope is OK for print).
Here are the images uploaded to bloggler/picassa which means that they are already compressed (so if you need the High-Res versions, please use the links above (with the files hosted on DropBox)