Tuesday 24 December 2013

How to create (using Eclipse) JavaDocs that looks good? (My current approach is not working)

I want to create nice JavaDocs for the API I'm developing for TeamMentor's Eclipse Plugin Builder Kit (see here , here and here) , but at the moment I'm not having the results I want (see at the end of this post screenshots of the type of JavaDoc I want to create).

Here is the workflow I'm using to create the JavaDocs in Eclipse (Kepler):

1)  Select the menu item Project + Generate Javadoc...

 2) In the Generate JavaDoc wizard that pops up, chose the project to create the JavaDoc and click Next

 3) In the next screen, enter a Document Title , don't chose a Style Sheet (we will try that later) and click Next

 4) In the final step of the Wizard, click on Finish (note that the option to save it as a Ant Script is really cool, since that way we can automate this process using Ant)

5) This is what the created Java doc looks like (which is now what I wanted):

6) Next, I tried using a css (which I got from here) that I saved on a project's folder and mapped it on this Generate JavaDoc wizard page:

7) And although it looked better:

8) It is still not what I wanted:

9) Here is an example of the JavaDoc style that I would like to create

10) Which looks much better:

So my question is: How do I create JavaDoc that look like the screenshot above?

One thing that might be affecting the current result, is that I'm compiling the Eclipse Plugin using Java 6 (to make it compatible with it), any maybe the desired JavaDoc style is part of the java 7 and I need to use the JavaDoc version that comes with JDK 7 (note that the stylesheet.css used was from JDK 7)