Sunday 15 December 2013

Blogger search is still broken and workaround to create a simpler (but working) blog search

I was trying to ignore this and see if Google Blogger team would fix it, but after a couple weeks (or more) it is still broken, and is starting to affect me (because I blog so that Future Self is able to find those ideas (like my Today Self, which is not able to find for what It think it is there).

Here is the error that happens when doing a search using the Blogger's search bar:

As this thread shows!topic/blogger/ZqrTNLa1No0 I'm not the only one with this thread. 

The good news is that in the middle of that thread, there was this idea:

Which worked quite well :)

Here are the instructions of how to implement it (using this blog as an example)

1) go to the Layout page (in blogger Settings)

2) click on the Edit link of the current Search This Blog gadget (above), and click on the Remove button (below)

3) Click on Add a Gadget

4) chose the Html/JavaScript Gadget

5) use a variation of the Html code below and click Save

6) click on Save arrangement

7) open the blog and do a search:

8) the results should show up in the page (this is not as good as the previous version, but it works)